Pick-Up, Delivery, Restoration Time, and Pricing

We pick-up and deliver nationwide with an enclosed, secured trailer, or via pickup truck, weather and distance permitting.  Our charge is $1.00 per mile each way, both to pick up the organ and transport it back to our shop in Florence, Alabama and to deliver the organ after professional restoration and the mileage back again to the shop.


We do not take any payment for the restoration itself until completion and delivery.  We do require transportation payment for picking up the instrument and transporting it back to the shop at the time of initial pickup.  Transportation costs for delivery is not due until delivery itself at the time restoration payment is due.


On average, it takes approximately 150 hours of labor to complete a restoration.  This translates to getting the restored family heirloom back to you in six to eight weeks on average.


We do restorations on a first come, first served basis.  If we are are working on a restoration ahead of yours, we will pick yours up and bring it to the shop and will begin restoration of your instrument as soon as we finish the current one or more.


Most pump organs have five octaves, or 61 notes.  Some have six octaves and/or a sub bass set of extra reeds.  These are a bit more detailed, cost a bit  more to restore and take an extra 10-15 hours.


We also do restorations of more elaborate two keyboard church organs as well, though the time required for restoration is much longer.


Please give Stan a call or send an email. He will be delighted to be of assistance and provide an estimate, based on the organ you have.  We believe that you will be pleased with the results if you entrust us with your potentially valuable heirloom and will consider the restoration a “sound investment.


Stan Kimbrell

Kimbrell & Son Antique Pump Organ Shop